Since I have an HTC Incredible, this is my primary focus on this site. I can’t claim to know everything about these ROMS, because I haven’t tried them all. For now, I’ll start with a list of known ROMS.

Some of the most popular Incredible ROMS

* ROMS I’ve used

  • Adrynalyne’s ROMS *
  • aiccus Lite
  • Sky Raider *
  • IncredibleDoes
  • CyanogenMod *
  • Jager Rom
  • Virtuous *
  • Redemption *
  • Sense vs. Vanilla

    This is another one of those heavily debated subjects. There are many reasons you might want one or the other. In many cases, you may be able to get slightly better performance & battery life when vanilla. However, the first thing most people do once they go vanilla, is try to find apps/widgets that emulate sense! To me this makes no sense (no pun intended) at all. To me, sense is one of the things that makes the Incredible experience better than that of say a Motorola android device.

    Personally, I get fantastic performance & battery life out of my Incredible now. I average around 37 hours on my Seidio 1750mAh battery. For comparison, I was averaging about 16 hours on the same battery when stock 2.1. I was keeping track of which ROM I am currently using, and with what results, but I change them pretty frequently.

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    1. Dan, thanks for all the usefull info. Regarding Roms and kernals, which do you recomend for preserving battery life? I do want to keep the HTC Sense on my DINC.

      Any other mods/aps for preserving battery life.


    2. Just about any of the custom ROM’s will provide better battery life than stock since they all remove a lot of the junk that is running in the background. For further savings, you can use a custom kernel, and either throttle the CPU speed and/or modify voltages. FWIW, I’m currently using SkyRaider 3.5 & Chad’s Incredible Kernel. I’m pretty happy with the battery life I’ve seen. As always though, YMMV. Every DINC seems to be slightly different, and as such, perform differently with the same mods.

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